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How Much Does LED Landscape Lighting Cost?


How Much Does LED Outdoor Lighting Cost?

Atlanta LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than this photograph of a beautiful estate lighting system in Alpharetta, GA just took the words away from this entire article!

There is no question outdoor lighting is one of the most beautiful, not to mention, dollar for dollar, the most afforable upgrade that can be made to a home or property. With that being said there is a cost associated with beauty, value, enjoyment, usability, and craftsmanship that encompasses each and every award winning project we produce.

Enough with the embellishment you say! What can I expect to pay for an LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting System, in the Atlanta, Buckhead, Gwinnett, Alpharetta, or any other Metro Atlanta Area!

We are happy to address this question as we know price, although isn't necessarily the deciding factor for all of our clients, it is the most important deciding factor for most of our clients. And for that very reason, we work hard with our suppliers, employees, and managing our overhead cost to bring you, hands down, the very best value in the Atlanta Market for your outdoor lighting system!

What drives Pricing of LED Outdoor Lighting Systems?

Pricing of Atlanta Outdoor Landscape Lighting System

This is a very important question! For our custom designed, outdoor lightng systems, price is driven by the additional material cost of the LED technology, not our name, reputation, market share, or relationships. When calculating the difference in pricing between an LED system and Halogen system, we do what we call "value engineer" the entire installation.

This is a systematic approach of taking the total material and labor cost of an equivalent Halogen system and comparing that cost with the difference in material and labor cost of an LED system.

Value Engineer Analysis of LED vs Halogen Outdoor Lighting System

Lighting System A: 20 Fixture Landscape Lighting System Completed in All Halogen Bulbs

Approximate Total Cost of Fixtures: $1800

Approximate Total Cost of Wire: $400

Approximate Total Cost of Transformer: $400

Approximate Total Cost of Misc Material: $100

Approximate Total Cost of Halogen Bulbs: $200

Approximate Total Cost of Labor: $800

Total Halogen System Cost: $3700.00

Lighting System B: 20 Fixture Landscape Lighting System Completed in All LED Bulbs

Approximate Total Cost of Fixtures: $1800

Approximate Total Cost of Wire: $200

Approximate Total Cost of Transformer: $200

Approximate Total Cost of Misc Material: $100

Approximate Total Cost of LED Bulbs: $900

Approximate Total Cost of Labor: $600

Total LED System Cost: $3800.00

I want to be the first to say these numbers do not always play out in such a simplistic equation due to the fact that custom lighting systems are just that... Custom.

There are other factors that play into the cost of a lighting system such as system design, control system, boring, custom second level mounting, and a host of other things.

However, my main point that I want you to gain as an educated consumer is that LED outdoor lighting systems should not fundamentally cost a whole lot more than convensional halogen system. The technology cost more, but the transformer cost, wire, and labor should be less, thus creating the term "value engineering" or taking all cost into account.

Per Fixture Costs?

Price Per Fixture LED Outdoor Lighting Systems

One of the first questions my clients ask me in the Atlanta market when they call Outdoor Advantage is what is your price per fixture, and what can I expect to pay for LED.

To back up a little bit, price per fixture = the total cost to do business, this includes Material, Labor, Design, Profit, and Overhead / divided by the number of fixtures in the design.

This cost can very significantly from firm to firm. I will give you probably the best advice any contractor will ever give you.

There is a cost associated with doing business!

If you are going to do business with a quality firm, their overhead cost are going to be a little higher than a smaller less established company. However, you most probably can expect the quality, service, and respnsiveness to be much higher. They will also more than likely stand the test of time. All of these factors most play into your buying decision.

You can expect LED outdoor landscape lighting pricing to fall somewhere between $170-$225 per fixture installed in the Atlanta Market. Our firm falls more in between the $180-$220 per fixture price point installed average throughout all of the fixtures in the system.

Best outdoor landscape lighting company in Atlanta

We definitely aren't the cheapest in the industry, and we aren't the most expensive, but we do consider ourselves the best, most passionate, outdoor landscape lighting company in Atlanta.

If you are calling a lighting firm and asking them there price per fixture and they say they don't price systems like that, then ask them what is their average cost per fixture averaged over their entire project is.

Our systems are highly custom designed and can be quite complex at times, but we still have the ability to be transparent and let you as the consumer know roughly about what you can expect to pay for our quality.

All of our clients have found massive value in that fact!

We hope you have enjoyed another outdoor landscape lighting article showcasing our knowledge and commitment to you, our future customer. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email our expects or owners. If you are interested in seeing what your home could look light with our award winning outdoor lighting, please contact us for a FREE OUTDOOR LIGHTING NIGHTTIME DEMONSTRATION.




"View Your Home in a Whole New Light"

Atlanta Outdoor Landscape LED Lighting

Copper/Brass Outdoor Lighting Fixtures VS Powder Coated Aluminum


What is the Difference Between Using High Quality Copper and Brass Fixtures Opposed to Installing Lower Quality Coated Aluminum Fixtures?

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting mean quality

If you are in the market to purchase an outdoor lighting system, looking to replace existing fixtures you may have, or simply wondering why your existing fixtures have not stood the test of time, then you have certainly found the right blog!

Being a trusted firm in the Atlanta Outdoor Lighting Market for many years now, we have spoken to hundreds of clients and have seen almost everything under the sun. One of the things I still do not understand as a lighting designer is why people don't choose quality in the beginning, instead of trying to save a few dollars on the front end, but disappoint themselves in the long run by having to eventually replace the same fixtures they bought just a few years earlier.

The concept of buy right, buy once has truly seemed to have left our marketplace as a whole!

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting

"Quality is our main focus"

At Outdoor Advantage, quality has always been our main focus. We pride ourselves in educating our clients on the difference between material choices, installation techniques, and helping our clients achieve an amazing system that they are proud of, but also meets their budget expectations.

One of the best ways we have been able to accomplish this goal over the years is by offering our Industry Leading Outdoor Lighting Demonstrations. Our lighting designers will come out to your property and show you your home, using actual fixtures and design techniques to give you confidence in your buying decision.

We will also spend time to show you some of the different options available to you as far as fixture choice, and give you an opportunity to touch, hold, and feel the difference between the quality differences in the material, as well as educate you on the differences between LED vs Halogen for bulb choice.

The Main Difference Between Choosing Copper or Brass Fixtures and Powder Coated Aluminum

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting, copper fixtures

As you can see from the above picture, there are some obvious differences in the two outdoor lighting fixture materials.

The following are the main differences in the two materials:

  • Powder coated aluminum fixtures are highly affected by the sun's UV rays. In just a few years after installation, you can expect to see these fixtures to begin to discolor, or depending on their quality, even chip and peel.
  • With the harsh environmental elements that landscape lighting fixures have to endure, water from rain and irrigation, and well as other factors such as animal urine can also wear and begin to deteriorate the aluminum metal and cause the fixtures to be more susceptible to breaking from light contact or evening simply handling the fixtures in a service environment
  • Because of the characteristics of the metals of both copper and brass, they both have the ability to withstand these environmental factors much better than their powder coated aluminum counter parts.
  • By far the biggest issue we find with powder coated aluminum fixtures is, because of the heat generated by the halogen bulbs in most cases, the expending and contracting of the metal over time causes them to wear in a much different way than copper or aluminum.
  • Copper and brass materials weather over time without chipping or fading into a color that is not pleasing. These natural metals look even more beautiful over time!

These High Quality Fixtures Speak for Themselves!

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting, quality copper fixturesWeathered Copper Bullet Light

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting, beautiful copper path light

Weathered Copper Path Lights

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting, custom mounted copper accent lights

Custom Mounted Copper Accent Lights

We hope this article gives you some insight on the difference between choosing copper or brass fixtures for your outdoor lighting system, or simply choosing a less expensive, yet lesser quality powder coated aluminum fixture.

At Outdoor Advantage, we will always give you the advice that beautiful outdoor lighting systems don't focus on what kind of fixtures are used, they are made beautiful by design, quality of lamps, and correct engineering.

Fixture choice determines your systems aesthetics and longevity of lighting fixtures. If you have anymore questions about choosing the correct lighting fixtures, feel free to give our firm a call or invite us out for a Free Outdoor Lighting Demonstration. We look forward to becoming your trusted leader in outdoor lighting in the Atlanta area!




Why Do Landscape Lighting Bulbs Burn Out Too Quickly?


Why Do Landscape Lighting Bulbs Burn Out Too Quickly?

Landscape Lighting Burnt Out

If you have happened to stubbled upon this blog, fed up and almost ready to pull your outdoor lighting system out completely, than you are in the right place.

I know what you are thinking! I spent thousands of dollars on this damn lighting system, and I can't get the thing to stay on for more than a few months!

In my many years of experience, I have heard this very cry from customers in the Atlanta area time and time again. The great thing is, the reality of the situation is there are probably a few simple fixes to your current lighting problem, that when fixed, can allow you to enjoy your beautiful night scene once again.


Please read on to find the most common reasons that landscape lighting systems in Atlanta are failing to look their best!

Outdoor Lighting Bulb Maintenance

Bulbs Burning Out Due to Incorrect Bulb Maintenance Practices

When most outdoor lighting firms in the Atlanta area service low voltage systems, they simply do the least amount of work possible, change whatever bulbs they see that are non-functional, reset the timers, and are on their merry way.

This is absolutely a horrible bulb maintenance practice! When dealing with an outdoor lighting system that encompasses halogen bulbs, if even one or two bulbs have been burnt out for any given time frame, and the system has been correctly volted to achieve correct voltage to the fixtures, there is a 99% chance the remaining bulbs that are not currently burnt out at the time of the service call, will indeed burn out very soon after the service is completed.


Atlanta Outdoor LightingPuzzling?????

Why Is This

This is the case beause most professionally installed lighting systems are engineered to combat what is called voltage drop. The definition of voltage drop is: a decrease in voltage along a conductor through which current is flowing.

Very simply stated, the further away from the power source, or in low voltage, the low voltage power transformer, and the higher the load, or number of watts connected to the low voltage wire(depending on wire size), the more energy loss(in heat) the system will experience.

With professional grade transformers, as professionals we combat this voltage drop by utilizing higher voltage taps.

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting

Without confusing you too much, this basically allows us to design more efficient lighting system, with fixtures at further distances, using smaller gauge wiring.

This is all well and good for the first year, however, in my experience, it tends to cause service problems for years to come if you are not dealing with an experienced lighting firm that has seen and serviced hundreds of lighting systems in the Atlanta area.

Because of the simple fact that if one or two, or more bulbs for that matter are burnt out on a single low voltage line or run, the best thing to do is replace every bulb on that line as there is a very likely chance that the remaining bulbs on the line have been over-volted for a period of time, thus on there last leg.

When Outdoor Advantage gets called in to service your outdoor lighting system, we always recommend replacing every bulb in your lighting system, checking each line for correct voltage drop, and setting up a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual service plan in order to take charge of your lighting system and keep your investment looking at its best year round!

This will also save you money, headache, and give you more enjoyment out of your system for years to come!

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting

Second Reason Bulbs Burn Out Too Quickly:

Incorrect Voltage to the Fixtures

This concept ties in directly to our first reason, however, the biggest difference is this is when you experience bulbs burning out too quickly even after you change every bulb at one time!

Because outdoor lighting is looked at as a trade that some think is fundamently simple in it's process, many contractors tend to add it to their service line to generate additional revenue. The problem with this is, there is a good amount of skill as well as ingenuity that goes into designing a system correctly.

Some companies come in and throw out a low ball number to get the job, but don't exactly know that much about engineering a system for correct voltage drop. For this reason, we often service many systems that have been installed for less that a year that are already having problems due to the fact that they are designed incorrectly.

The great thing is, voltage drop issues can usually be corrected and fixed farely easy, but why waste the time, money, and frustration if you don't have to. If this is the case with you, please call us today to we can fix your voltage drop issue.


Atlanta Outdoor Lighting

Switch to LED Retro-fit Bulbs!

One of the best solutions you can choose to correct your problem of bulbs burning out too fast is moving to an LED solution!

Innovation has truly hit the Landscape Lighting Industry hard the last 2-3 years introducing LED's as a very amazing option for your lighting system. They have come a long ways in design, engineering, price point, and color rendering over the years.

There are several great things about LED's as a solution for your current system's bulbs burning out too fast.

  • LED bulbs have a 40,000 hour lamp life compared to that of a convensional 5,000 hour halogen bulb

  • LED bulbs consume on average 80% energy than halogen bulbs. This allows you to use them for system expansion, even on a lighting system that was currently "maxed out."

  • Because LED bulbs usually operate from 10volts-15volts, along with reducing the load on the line, it will also some most every voltage drop issue seen in a typically halogen system design

We hope we have been of some help for you and your possible lighting system that is not at its best. We would love to answer any additional question you may have, and please don't hesitate to give us a call to come help you with your lighting service needs!


Outdoor Advantage - Atlanta's #1 Outdoor Lighting Firm

Atlanta Outdoor Lighting





LED vs Halogen for Outdoor Lighting?


What Is The Difference Between LED and Halogen Outdoor Lighting?

LED Lighting

As a consumer in the market to purchase a new outdoor lighting system or retro-fit an existing system, the question whether to choose LED or Halogen bulbs is quite possibly the most common and most important question a potential customer can ask us!

For that very reason, we wanted to address this question head on, so our customers can be more informed in the buying process.

LED energy savings


There is no doubt that cost plays a major issue in the decision making process of customers looking to choose either LED or halogen in their landscape lighting system. Because of the higher production and development cost of LED technology, it is significantly more expensive than it's halogen counterpart.

The following is a comparison of LED bulb pricing compared to that of traditional halogen bulbs:

Bulbs for Most Path Lighting/ Bi Pin Bulbs

LED - $20-28 (Depending on Brand/Wattage)    Halogen - $4-5

Bulbs for Most Up/Down Lighitng/ MR 16 Bulbs

LED - $25-35 (Depending on Brand/Wattage)    Halogen - $5

Bulbs for Well Lights and Other Large Up Lights/ Par 36 Bulbs

LED - $45-95 (Depending on Brand/Wattage)     Halogen - $10

As seen in the above pricing compasion, although it is very obvious the upfront cost of LED is much greater than that of a typical halogen system, there are still several other factors that weigh highly into making an informed decision.

There are 3 main factors that make LED a very viable option for your outdoor lighting sysem as follows:

1. Energy Savings from the Operational Cost of the System

2. Service and Bulb Replacement Cost for Routine Upkeep of Typical Halogen Systems

3. Value Engineering of an LED System Compared to that of a Typical Halogen System

led energy savings

1. Energy Savings

The typical LED sytem can easily save over 80% of operational energy cost over that of a typically Halogen system. Although this is a bold statement right out of the gate, no pun intended, a consumer must still look at the break total break even to see if LED makes for sense or does Halogen possibly make more sense.

Lets look at a real example to gain a better understanding.

Lighting System A: 10 fixture, Halogen, all copper fixture system, with a Unique Lighting Systems power transformer, and self-adjusting astrological timer cost roughly $1,500.00 Installed.

Lets say the power consumption for this system is 275 watts (Typical system - (5) 35 watt bulbs, (5) 20 watt bulbs).

The cost to power this system at an average of 6 hours per night, for 365 days = $60.06 per year (Based on $.10 per kilowatt hour)

Lets look at the numbers for the same system set up with all LED bulbs opposed to halogen

Lighting System B: 10 fixture, LED, all copper fixture system, with a Unique Lighting Systems power transformer, and self-adjusting astrological timer cost roughly $1,800.00 Installed.

Lets say the power consumption for this system is 45 watts (Typical system - (5) 6 watt bulbs, (5) 3 watt bulbs).

The cost to power this system at an average of 6 hours per night, for 365 days = $9.83 per year (Based on $.10 per kilowatt hour)

Based on these numbers, you would save roughly $50 per year going with the LED option over Halogen. Taking into account servicing System A, with service fee and bulb replacement, you you be looking at a roughly $100 expense per year, which would also be a savings with the LED option, your break even on the system would roughly be 2 years based on energy saving and bulb replacement and service savings.

The cost breakeven on a smaller system, may not be the same as on a larger system. Your breakeven could possibly be anywhere from 2 years to 6 years on a residential system depending system size and design. Although we recommend LED on all installations, a customer must still make the decision that fits their budget the best.

led energy savings

2. Service and Bulb Replacement Cost for Routine Upkeep of Typical Halogen Systems

This point is probably the most overlooked component to choosing whether to install a Halogen outdoor lighting system or a LED system. Potential clients ususally look at the upfront cost and do not always look at how much their lighting system is going to cost to maintain over the years.

LED bulbs are typically rated for 40,000 hours of use. Although if you calculate the numbers, LED lamps will last, as rated, way longer than 10 years, I like to use 10 years as my comparison number.

Halogen bulbs are typically rated for 5,000 hours of use. I like to use one year as my average bulb life for halogen systems.

If you compare these two timespans of when service will be needed for the bulbs in halogen and LED systems, you can see that you will need to replace bulbs every year for a halogen system and possibly every 10 year for an LED system.

If we go back to our first lighting example, service and replacement cost, even on this small 10 light system, we be at least $100 per year to service and replace bulbs on the halogen system.

This cost would be alleviated in choosing the LED option. By no means am I saying LED systems don't require system service, however, I am stating the fact that they do not require the same service and replacement cost that halogen system would require.

Please make sure you take ungoing maintenance cost into consideration when considering a low voltage lighting system.

led energy savings

3. Value Engineering of an LED System Compared to that of a Typical Halogen System

This is also a very important point to think about when choosing to have a halogen outdoor lighting system installed or a LED lighting system installed.

Although most outdoor lighting contractors do not take the time to explain the facts and details to potential clients when it comes to LED vs Halogen, consumers should understand that LED lighting systems should be "value engineered" when comparing to that of a halogen system.

By this I mean although there is no argument LED bulbs are way more expensive than their halogen counterparts, however, transformer cost, wire cost, and labor are typically dramatically less compared to a halogen lighting installation.

Often times these savings can off set the higher LED bulb cost and after a project is "value engineered" LED system are not much more expensive than halogen systems even on the front in. Going back to our example once again, Halogen Lighting System A was only $300 less expensive than LED Lighting System B.

Again, this will not always be the case for all systems, as there are many factors that go into bidding the total project, however, please keep this point in mind when considering to choose LED outdoor lighting or Halogen for your bulb choice.


I hope this article was helpful in your understanding of being able to choose LED or Halogen when it come to your outdoor lighting system.We would be more than happy to answer all additional questions you may have that pertains to this topic or any question you may have dealing with outdoor lighting systems. Please call us today if you have any additional question or to Schedule a Free Nighttime Demonstration. We look forward to making your outdoor lighting experience with Outdoor Advantage a truly one of a kind experience.





How Much Does Outdoor Lighting Cost?


 Dollar Sign Question Mark resized 600

How Much Does Outdoor Lighting Cost?

One of the first questions a potential lighting client wants to know when they call our company is How much does an outdoor lighting system cost? Although there are many factors that go into answering this question, we are one of the few firms in the entire country that will address price.

Purchasing an outdoor lighting system is very similar to the purchase of a computer. There are a multitude of styles and options available depending on a client’s need.  A customer can purchase an inexpensive computer that will function and meet their needs for today; however, overtime it will more than likely become unreliable and will not live up to the purchaser's expectations. You may also purchase a computer that is well built, by a trusted brand, and not only will it be fully upgradable, but you can trust that it will continue to perform very reliably for years to come.

Considering the fact there are so many inexpensive, bargain brand computers in the market place that are much more competitively priced than say a company like Apple, why do so most Americans choose to invest the money into these well-built, innovative machines.  The answer is because most people value reliability, performance, and aesthetics over simply purchasing the “cheapest” option.

2010 02 26 Apple iMac resized 600

Comparing the Computer Purchasing Analogy to Outdoor Lighting

These same principles apply when purchasing an outdoor lighting system. Understanding the fact that you are going to come home every night to your house, as well as the fact that choosing the right materials and options the first time are important to ensure maximum satisfaction with minimum maintenance and headache, most potential buyers elect the lighting system that will give them most enjoyment over the long run.   

Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial price of the outdoor lighting system with the idea in mind to “find the least expensive contractor”, sacrificing ease of maintenance, quality, warranty, and beauty, which usually leads to regret and in many cases a system that will fail or deteriorate over time. And unlike a computer, a lighting system cannot be easily discarded or affordably replaced if you become unhappy with the system.

 Unique LED resized 600

Most Common Features and Upgrades to Quality Outdoor Lighting Systems

Now that you hopefully understand the computer analogy as it parallels with your outdoor lighting purchase, here are some of the most common “features or upgrades” found in quality lighting systems.


  • Long life, 40,000, warm color temperature LED bulbs
  • Weathered brass finish for high quality lighting fixtures
  • Weathered copper finish for high quality lighting fixtures
  • Self-Adjusting astrological timers
  • Ability to control lighting system via Smartphone or Pad device
  • Custom mounting on second levels, peaks, and soffits
  • Seamlessly crossing of driveways and sidewalks
  • Custom mounting on decks and stonework
  • Build in lighting fixtures in stone steps and walls
  • Zone controllability of lighting system
  • Single core lighting transformers with lifetime warranties
  • Custom beam spreads depending on architectural or plant material
  • Custom lensing and louvers
  • Custom bulb colors
  • Custom risers to combat mature shrubbery and other material
  • Seamless installation

As you can certainly see here, there are many options available when having your lighting system designed and installed by a quality company. When someone receives a quote from our firm, we thoroughly examine every detail and option to be able to educate the homeowner which options will truly allow a one of a kind buying experience.

When the question is ask by our potential clients as to how much our lighting systems cost, the main determining factors are LED vs Halogen for bulb choice, Power Coated Aluminum vs Natural Metals for fixture finish choice, as well as Standard Installation vs Custom or Second Level Installation for installation requirements. Unlike most high end lighting companies, we will do as much or as little as our customers require of us. This flexibility leads to more value and less stress for the customer. Our packages for outdoor lighting are as follows, with their associated price ranges:

DSC 3085 resized 600

Outdoor Advantage’s 4 Most Common Lighting Packages

1.Self Install: This package includes your selection of outdoor lighting fixtures shipped or delivered directly to the homeowner’s house, burial grade low voltage wire, professional grade transformer, timer, bulbs with custom beam spreads, connectors, wire splicers, and electrical tape. With this self-install option, the homeowner is required to provide all labor involved with the project, including; boring into garage to mount transformer, boring under sidewalks and driveways, assembly and connection of all fixtures, all bury of wire through turf and bed areas, custom mounting of fixtures should it call for it, engineering of the system, including testing for correct voltage drop, and programming of timer. Although the concept of installing an outdoor lighting system is not very complex, it does require a design eye and a good bit of attention to detail as some mistakes would be permanent. I recommend self-installs to homeowners who are very skilled in simple construction and wiring design principles, as well as have the correct equipment to exercise the proper installation techniques or have access to the skilled labor who can perform certain portions of the project. The average person spends between $700-$1500 on a self-install, based on the size of the system and material choices and options that come with it. From a per-fixture standpoint you’re looking at between $100-$120 averaged out with all material. (LED bulbs range between $35-$75 per bulb)

2. Basic: This package includes our award winning design of powder coated aluminum fixtures, burial grade wire, professional single core transformer, mechanical timer, custom beam spread bulbs, and all labor required to professionally install the system to industry leading standards. 10 year warranty, 5,000 hour bulbs. 1 year service plan. The price of this package typically ranges from $1,500-2,500, again depending on the size of the system and options. From a per-fixture standpoint you’re looking at around $140-$145 averaged out with all material. (LED bulbs range between $35-$75 per bulb and can be added for additional cost)

3. Designer: This package includes our award winning design of all copper and/or brass fixtures burial grade wire, professional single core transformer, self-adjusting astrological timer, custom beam spread bulbs, and all labor required to professionally install the system to industry leading standards.15 year warranty, 5,000 hours bulbs, 1 year service plan. The price of this package typically ranges from $2500-5,000, again depending on the size of the system and options. From a per-fixture standpoint you’re looking at around $150-$175 averaged out with all material. (LED bulbs range between $35-$75 per bulb and can be added for additional cost)

4. Estate: This package includes our award winning design of all weathered copper and/or brass fixtures burial grade wire, professional single core transformer, self-adjusting astrological timer, custom beam spread bulbs, and all labor required to professionally install the system to industry leading standards. Lifetime warranty of fixtures, 2700k LED – 40,000 hour bulbs, 2 year service plan. The price of this package typically ranges from $3,500-10,000, again depending on the size of the system and options. From a per-fixture standpoint you’re looking at around $180-$220 averaged out with all material.

Although the pricing of our systems and packages do vary considerably depending on the needs and wants of our clients, we have solutions that meet the needs of most clients. We would be happy to provide you with additional content, Schedule a Free Nighttime Demonstration or answer any questions you may have to make your outdoor lighting experience with Outdoor Advantage a truly one of a kind experience.



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