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How Much Does LED Landscape Lighting Cost?


How Much Does LED Outdoor Lighting Cost?

Atlanta LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than this photograph of a beautiful estate lighting system in Alpharetta, GA just took the words away from this entire article!

There is no question outdoor lighting is one of the most beautiful, not to mention, dollar for dollar, the most afforable upgrade that can be made to a home or property. With that being said there is a cost associated with beauty, value, enjoyment, usability, and craftsmanship that encompasses each and every award winning project we produce.

Enough with the embellishment you say! What can I expect to pay for an LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting System, in the Atlanta, Buckhead, Gwinnett, Alpharetta, or any other Metro Atlanta Area!

We are happy to address this question as we know price, although isn't necessarily the deciding factor for all of our clients, it is the most important deciding factor for most of our clients. And for that very reason, we work hard with our suppliers, employees, and managing our overhead cost to bring you, hands down, the very best value in the Atlanta Market for your outdoor lighting system!

What drives Pricing of LED Outdoor Lighting Systems?

Pricing of Atlanta Outdoor Landscape Lighting System

This is a very important question! For our custom designed, outdoor lightng systems, price is driven by the additional material cost of the LED technology, not our name, reputation, market share, or relationships. When calculating the difference in pricing between an LED system and Halogen system, we do what we call "value engineer" the entire installation.

This is a systematic approach of taking the total material and labor cost of an equivalent Halogen system and comparing that cost with the difference in material and labor cost of an LED system.

Value Engineer Analysis of LED vs Halogen Outdoor Lighting System

Lighting System A: 20 Fixture Landscape Lighting System Completed in All Halogen Bulbs

Approximate Total Cost of Fixtures: $1800

Approximate Total Cost of Wire: $400

Approximate Total Cost of Transformer: $400

Approximate Total Cost of Misc Material: $100

Approximate Total Cost of Halogen Bulbs: $200

Approximate Total Cost of Labor: $800

Total Halogen System Cost: $3700.00

Lighting System B: 20 Fixture Landscape Lighting System Completed in All LED Bulbs

Approximate Total Cost of Fixtures: $1800

Approximate Total Cost of Wire: $200

Approximate Total Cost of Transformer: $200

Approximate Total Cost of Misc Material: $100

Approximate Total Cost of LED Bulbs: $900

Approximate Total Cost of Labor: $600

Total LED System Cost: $3800.00

I want to be the first to say these numbers do not always play out in such a simplistic equation due to the fact that custom lighting systems are just that... Custom.

There are other factors that play into the cost of a lighting system such as system design, control system, boring, custom second level mounting, and a host of other things.

However, my main point that I want you to gain as an educated consumer is that LED outdoor lighting systems should not fundamentally cost a whole lot more than convensional halogen system. The technology cost more, but the transformer cost, wire, and labor should be less, thus creating the term "value engineering" or taking all cost into account.

Per Fixture Costs?

Price Per Fixture LED Outdoor Lighting Systems

One of the first questions my clients ask me in the Atlanta market when they call Outdoor Advantage is what is your price per fixture, and what can I expect to pay for LED.

To back up a little bit, price per fixture = the total cost to do business, this includes Material, Labor, Design, Profit, and Overhead / divided by the number of fixtures in the design.

This cost can very significantly from firm to firm. I will give you probably the best advice any contractor will ever give you.

There is a cost associated with doing business!

If you are going to do business with a quality firm, their overhead cost are going to be a little higher than a smaller less established company. However, you most probably can expect the quality, service, and respnsiveness to be much higher. They will also more than likely stand the test of time. All of these factors most play into your buying decision.

You can expect LED outdoor landscape lighting pricing to fall somewhere between $170-$225 per fixture installed in the Atlanta Market. Our firm falls more in between the $180-$220 per fixture price point installed average throughout all of the fixtures in the system.

Best outdoor landscape lighting company in Atlanta

We definitely aren't the cheapest in the industry, and we aren't the most expensive, but we do consider ourselves the best, most passionate, outdoor landscape lighting company in Atlanta.

If you are calling a lighting firm and asking them there price per fixture and they say they don't price systems like that, then ask them what is their average cost per fixture averaged over their entire project is.

Our systems are highly custom designed and can be quite complex at times, but we still have the ability to be transparent and let you as the consumer know roughly about what you can expect to pay for our quality.

All of our clients have found massive value in that fact!

We hope you have enjoyed another outdoor landscape lighting article showcasing our knowledge and commitment to you, our future customer. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email our expects or owners. If you are interested in seeing what your home could look light with our award winning outdoor lighting, please contact us for a FREE OUTDOOR LIGHTING NIGHTTIME DEMONSTRATION.




"View Your Home in a Whole New Light"

Atlanta Outdoor Landscape LED Lighting


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