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Landscape Maintenance

Outdoor Advantage

At Outdoor Advantage, we understand that many of our customers have very demanding schedules

and respect the fact that our customers’ time is a tremendously valuable commodity. For that reason, we tailor our services to alleviate the burden of having to manage several different companies to achieve your overall goal of having a beautifully manicured healthy lawn and landscape as well as a worry-free outdoor lighting system.

Through our detailed landscape maintenance program, we deliver the highest quality in turf management, specializing in reel mowing (golf course quality maintenance). Our fleet of specialized mowers includes a fairway reel mower to efficiently maintain larger properties and estate homes as well as smaller, self-adjusting reel mowers to fit in tighter areas. We also manage all necessary chemical and fertilizing treatments to keep your lawn healthy and weed-free and maintain your irrigation system for ensure proper settings performance

Another benefit of choosing our company for all of your landscape maintenance needs is because our niche and core business is outdoor lighting, we maintain all of our maintenance customers’ lighting systems for free. This includes replacing bulbs, resetting timers, adjusting fixtures, and pruning back shrubs and trees to maintain proper lighting balance and effect. This ensures your lighting system will maintain its beauty year round, stays hassle free, and is one less time-consuming task we will be happy to manage for you. Our customer service and attention to detail are second to none, and we take pride in delivering quality results to our customers.